What if I'm unhappy about something?

SAIYAN FAMILY DAYCARE Service aims to ensure an 'open door' policy that allows for parents and educators to discuss any issues or concerns. We are here to help. You're satisfaction is our utmost priority.

What do I need to pack for my child?

Here are just a few of the main items to pack so your child feels comfortable while at the SAIYAN Family Day Care service:

   * Fresh food in a lunchbox
   * Drink bottles (also milk formula - if needed)
   * Spare clean clothes
   * Nappies
   * Broad brimmed hat
   * Bag - medication needs ie: Asthma inhaler, spacer, action plan etc.

How much notice do I need to cease care?

If you wish to cease care, you are required to provide two weeks written notice to the Educator and to the Service.

What are absences and how many am I allowed?

Child Care Benefit is paid for a child's absences from care for up to 42 days per financial year. Once your child has reached 42 days of allowable absences Child Care Benefit is not paid for any further absences.

How do I pay my child care fees?

Fee payments are made directly to SAIYAN FDC Educator on the first day of care each week or by individual agreement with your Educator.

How is Family Day Care different to Child Care Centre?

At Family Day Care, your child can develop a close relatonship with a single educator and a small mixed age group. Child Care Centres have specific opening and closing times, Family Day Care aims for flexibility.

How do I know my educator and their home are safe?

SAIYAN FAMILY DAYCARE educators are required to have a current First Aid and Resuscitation Certificate and they are required to hold a Working with Children Suitability Card. Ongoing premises safety checks and audits are conducted on regular basis.

How many children are cared for at any one time?

A maximum of seven children is permitted in any one household and educators cannot have more than four children under school age in their care at any one time. Full-day care, regular part-time care, before & after school care, and vacation care is available for children between the ages of 6 weeks - 12 years.

What is CCB, and how do I apply for CCB?

CCB (Child Care Benefit) is a subsidy from the Federal Government to assist families using approved child care with the cost of their child care. You will need to call the Family Assistance Office (FAO) on 136 150 and ask to be assessed for Child Care Benefit. You will be asked a number of questions including your combined family income and your activity, for example work, study, training etc.

Once assessed you will be issued a Child Care Benefit percentage and the number of hours this percentage can be applied to your fees per week (usually 50 hours for working/studying families or 24 hours for non working families).

You will receive a letter from the FAO to confirm your eligibility.

What is Child Care Rebate (CCR)?

CCR is a Federal Government initiative for all taxpayers using approved child care to assist families by reimbursing them 50% of the out of pocket expense relating to child care fees. This is applied after the CCB has been applied if eligible. There are several ways to claim CCR. Please contact the FAO on 13 61 50 or visit the Department of Human Services website for further information.